Welcome to Boolean Brothers

Need help to grow and market your business? Boolean Brothers can save the day. We are the new school Hackoligists with an old school attitude. We are dedicated to our craft, and above all, we care about the people we work with and the community around us. … Read more →

What We Do

At Boolean Brothers we help companies to better attract, connect and retain customers. By leveraging the latest technologies and creating a company's persona we can help better engage with customer in new, creative ways. Here are few things we use under our toolsets: … Read more →

Who We Are

Gordon Chan Gordon has an extensive enterprise and open source experience. He is one of the few people with a thorough understanding how a business can benefit and gain a competitive advantage through technological innovations and unconscious branding. Genuine and reliable, He is the techie friend you want on your… Read more →

Soco Freire Art

Soco Freire is a well-known international artist and she need a clean yet informative website to communicate her art to viewers. Boolean Brothers was able to create a website clean and attractive, enabling her audience to experience her art as meant to be. Customer's also can purchase her artwork directly… Read more →


Symmetria Resources is a recruiting company with excellence in mind. They came to us with a clear idea of what they wanted and the image they wanted to show their clients and partners. Boolean Brothers designed their site from the ground up, delivering all requirements and more. Site included: Job… Read more →